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Carpet Cleaning Sierra Vista - Chem-Dry of Cochise Blog


Sierra Vista Carpet Cleaning - Chem-Dry of Cochise Blog

April 28, 2016

Sierra Vista Pet Urine Removal - Chem-Dry of Cochise

Carpet cleaning in Sierra Vista now has a wonderful option in the pet urine removal department thanks to Chem-Dry of Cochise We appreciate the bond you share with your pets and we strive to help you keep it by way of our P.U.R.T. (Pet Urine Removal Treatment) process. An independent laboratory recently conducted multiple tests of our P.U.R.T. process to determine its effectiveness in treating pet urine odors and stains. The results of said study revealed that P.U.R.T. removes 99.9% of pet urine odors from carpets. It’s been a long winter and even though you may have cleaned up you pets accidents, bacteria and odor can still be found deep within your carpets. Our P.U.R.T process clears away 99.2% of pet urine bacteria, so just imagine all of the leftover odor and bacteria that still resides in your carpets from winter pet accidents. Don’t let that thought taunt you and give you nightmares, Call Chem-Dry of Cochise because we are carpet cleaning professionals that you can trust, and we have already proved our incredible P.U.R.T treatment, so book an affordable carpet cleaning today.

carpet cleaning sierra vista

Removing Pet Urine Stains - Chem-Dry of Cochise

Sierra Vista carpet cleaning has made pet urine removal easy with the exceptional carpet cleaning service provided by Chem-Dry of Cochise. Our carpet cleaning professionals will start the P.U.R.T process by inspecting your carpets with a special ultraviolet light. This light exposes the stains that are hidden to the naked eye. Our technicians usually find a good amount of spots that you may have missed or never knew about. Our method begins with a quick run through of our hot carbonation extraction process to remove urine crystals. After that, we then apply our P.U.R.T product to the affected area, breaking down odor-causing elements over the next 24-36 hours. Once dry, the treated areas are free of pet urine odor and bacteria. We make your health our priority and we execute that plan with our P.U.R.T process. The Sierra Vista carpet cleaning industry doesn’t have many options in regards to pet urine removal treatment, and nobody can remove urine stains like Chem-Dry can. Clean up hidden stains that have sunk deep into your carpet and clear your conscience for a new season.


March 28, 2016

Carpet Cleaning Sierra Vista - Turning Your Carpet Cleaning Green

We know that with Sierra Vista carpet cleaning in March comes March madness, giving you at least one more reason to clean your carpets this month. Our main cleaning solution, The Natural®, as well as our Liquid P.U.R.T® are part of the healthy-home lineup that makes our carpet cleaning so safe for your home and family. Celebrate the month of green by giving yourself the gift of a reliable, green cleaning. Our green certified products meet the demanding guidelines of health, creating cleaner air. For years, Sierra Vista carpet cleaning has been looking for an environment-friendly carpet cleaning solution. Well, the search is over when you take advantage of our healthy carpet cleaning service. Our Sierra Vista carpet cleaning system only takes 1-2 hours to properly dry, leaving more time in your day. Go green this March and celebrate in a clean home.

Carpet Cleaning Sierra Vista - March Into Green Carpet Cleaning

We avidly promote a clean, sustainable environment, and we take pride in that goal as a Sierra Vista carpet cleaning company. Sierra Vista carpet cleaning deserves the best service as far as we’re concerned, so we do our best for you and the environment. Helping out our environment is a tough task, but we're ready for the challenge by way of our green cleaning products. . We have been practicing green cleaning for over two decades, and to us that’s over 20-years of St. Patrick’s days done right. The Natural® is copied from ingredients taken straight from Mother Nature. Steam cleaners in the Sierra Vista carpet cleaning industry just can’t provide the same tested and proven results like Chem-Dry can. We have revolutionary cleaning equipment to clean healthy and effectively, with the research to back up our cleaning solution.

Carpet Cleaning Sierra Vista - Save Some Green With Chem-Dry

If you had a bad experience with other carpet cleaners, give Chem-Dry a call. There’s nothing worse than carpet cleaners leaving your carpet drenched, raising the question of how many unsafe chemicals were left behind on your carpet. Be at ease, knowing that our expert carpet cleaning professionals are well trained. We want to be the carpet cleaners you trust. We take great pride in our prompt successful service in the Sierra Vista carpet cleaning industry. Make Chem-Dry of Cochise Chem-Dry your next carpet cleaners and have a wonderful month of March.


February 29, 2016

Sierra Vista Carpet Cleaning - A Packaged Deal

Tired of a staring at that awkward carpet stain? Well, Chem-dry’s Sierra Vista carpet cleaning service has a carpet cleaning package for that. Chem-Dry of Cochise gives you the option of choosing your carpet cleaning package prior to the scheduled appointment. Chem-Dry offers three carpet cleaning packages for your enjoyment, including the basic cleaning package, the protectant cleaning package, and the healthy home cleaning package. We understand your need for an affordable Sierra Vista carpet cleaning service, and we accommodate those needs by way of our beneficial carpet cleaning packages.

Sierra Vista Carpet Cleaning - Healthy Home Cleaning

The most recommended Sierra Vista carpet cleaning bundle is our healthy home cleaning package. Our healthy home service includes a pre-inspection, deep cleaning with hot carbonation extraction, usage of a professional strength deodorizer, and much more! Additionally, our highly-trained technicians perform a pre-vacuuming before proceeding with the hot carbonation extraction process. Does someone in your home suffer from allergies? Well, our healthy home package could change your life. After receiving this level of Sierra Vista carpet cleaning service, your home will be free of 98.1% of your typical household allergens, imagine the quality of life you can have with that kind of freedom.

Sierra Vista Carpet Cleaning - Protectant Cleaning/Basic Cleaning

Our Sierra Vista carpet cleaning protectant package obviously offers your carpet the protectant covering it needs, but doesn’t include the deodorizer or sanitizer options that the healthy home package does. Most store bought carpets come with some sort of stain guard, but that guard quickly wears off, leaving you with the task of finding Sierra Vista carpet cleaners that offer protectant application. You’re in luck because Chem-Dry’s Sierra Vista carpet cleaning service will provide protectant application as part of our exceptional protectant carpet cleaning package. Last but not least, our basic cleaning package provides your family with Chem-Dry’s signature hot carbonating extraction process, but doesn’t include the protectant application.

Sierra Vista Carpet Cleaning by Chem-Dry of Cochise gives you a number of options that can change your carpet and your health for the better. Sierra Vista carpet cleaning shouldn't be as stressful as it is, so book your next carpet cleaning appointment with Chem-Dry of Cochise to experience a relaxed carpet cleaning service.


carpet cleaning sierra vista

January 29, 2016

carpet cleaning sierra vista


Carpet Cleaning Sierra Vista - How to Check Your Carpet

The first part is easy, just take a good look at the carpeted areas in your home. A basic gage to see if you need carpet cleaning is to observe the soil level around entrances and exits. Is there a noticeable difference between the carpets by your entrance and the carpets less traveled by? If you notice a dark change in color, then it’s time to get a Sierra Vista carpet cleaning provided by Cochise Chem-Dry. If you distinctly notice discoloration, it’s better to hire a professional carpet cleaning company instead of trying to clean it yourself. Other areas of possible concern are the carpeted areas in a family room around the television or couch. As you observe the health of your carpet, you will probably have to admit that winter is slowly darkening your carpeted entrances. Don’t worry, now is a perfect time to check your carpet, and Cochise Chem-Dry is more than willing to clean your carpet the right way at an affordable price.


Sierra Vista  Carpet Cleaning - Drying Your Carpet Faster

We realize the stress that can be involved with carpet cleaning, but our Sierra Vista  carpet cleaning service is sensitive to your busy schedule. For example, our Sierra Vista carpet cleaning service dries faster than other cleaning companies. Your carpet will take only 1-2 hours to dry, so drop the kids off at school, call Chem-dry, and enjoy a clean carpet when they get back; it’s that simple. Other rewards to our Sierra Vista carpet cleaning service are the healthy benefits that come with our cleaning solutions. Our cleaning solution is safe and non-toxic, leaving your family feeling Drier. Cleaner. Healthier.®.

We are honored to serve the people of Sierra Vista and surrounding area, so call us today!



December 23, 2015



Chem-Dry of Cochise Carpet Cleaning Blog

Now is the perfect time to call Chem-Dry of Cochise because it's Holiday stain season! Chem-Dry of Cochise is filling the holiday season with carpet cleaning specials, trust us, you won’t want to miss out on the most advanced cleaning technology in the industry. For a big Holiday carpet cleaning job you need our Hot Carbonating Extraction method. Our Hot Carbonating cleaning method implements the most powerful, deepest cleaning system for maximum soil removal. Let our carpet cleaning method give you a Holiday full of stain removal.

Chem-Dry of Cochise carpet cleaning service comes filled with benefits for both you and your health. The excellent benefits that Chem-Dy offers include quicker dry times, carpet appearance restoration, and reduction of mold and allergens. Additionally, your carpets won’t be left wet for hours because Chem-Dry uses 80% less water than other kinds of cleaning. Our superior carpet cleaning process will never use harmful chemicals and has the health of your family in mind.

Our carpet cleaning solution uses components duplicated from Mother Nature to keep your carpets fresh! With carpet cleaning service like that there’s no way this Holiday season won’t be the best family gathering ever. It's okay if you're stressed about your carpet, but with Chem-Dry carpet cleaning you can't stop stressing and start focusing on the solution. The Natural ® cleaning solution that is applied by our expert technicians is like giving your carpets a refreshing mineral water bath. The Chem-Dry process generates natural CO2 to generate millions of tiny, effervescent bubbles which sink into the carpet fiber, dissolving dirt and stains quickly. Show the Holiday season who’s boss by calling Chem-Dry of Cochise's carpet cleaning service today.





*Based on studies conducted by independent laboratories of Chem-Dry’s HCE (Hot Carbonating Extraction), P.U.R.T. (Pet Urine Removal Treatment), Granite Countertop Renewal, and Tile, Stone & Grout cleaning processes. Allergens tested were dog and cat dander and dust mite allergen. Pet odor results based on testing with the most common odor sources found in dog and cat urine. Pet urine bacteria results based on Chem-Dry’s HCE cleaning process and a sanitizer, combined with P.U.R.T. All bacteria results include use of sanitizer. Figures are an average across multiple tests.

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